Mini series Pt. 1 Self harm

As I’ve written before I’m a girl who’s beeBilledresultat for selfharmn struggling with self harm and some of the consequences that self harming has. Both to you physically and mentally and to your surroundings.   That’s why I decided to write a few blog entries about s
elf harm, depression and eating disorders etc. You can call it a miniseries about ment
al health related issues.

What’s self harm?
Self-harming is when a person (usually young) chooses to inflict pain on themselves in some way.
Self harm can include:

  • misusing alcohol or drugs
  • cutting
  • punching or hitting themselves
  • burning
  • poisoning themselves with tablets or toxic chemicals
  • deliberately starving themselves (anorexia nervosa) or binge eating (bulimia nervosa)
  • excessively exercising
  • etc.

It is usually a sign that something is wrong.

Self harming usually occurs when someone feels

  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Stressed
  • Bullied
  • Bunched up (too many feelings at once)(for them its a sort of release)
  • Loss of control (so you harm to gain control)
  • Self hate(it becomes a punishment)
  • To make you outside hurt as much as your inside
  • Etc.

For some self harm is  a coping method(Personal note: feels great in the beginning, goes downhill from there)

If you think someone around you is self-harming, look out for any of the following signs:

  • unexplained cuts, bruises or cigarette burns, usually on their wrists, arms, thighs and chest
  • keeping themselves fully covered at all times, even in hot weather(Long sleeves in the summer is usually a good tell)
  • signs of depression, such as low mood, tearfulness or a lack of motivation or interest in anything
  • self-loathing and expressing a wish to punish themselves
  • not wanting to go on and wishing to end it all
  • becoming very withdrawn and not speaking to others
  • changes in eating habits or being secretive about eating, and any unusual weight loss or weight gain
  • signs of low self-esteem, such as blaming themselves for any problems or thinking they’re not good enough for something

Self-harming is very dangerous. It is a definite sign that you have an underlying problem, but if it got out of hand, you could risk killing yourself, maybe accidentally. (personal note: its important to know that if you self harm then it doesn’t make you suicidal) its still very important that you get  help as soon as possible. (Personal note: its hard asking for help, but feels sooo good when its out in the open)

“I think control’s a big thing. You can’t control what’s happening around you, but you can control what you do to yourself.”

Being a teen that self harms can be very tricky as you often want to keep your injuries to yourself. You don’t hurt yourself for attention. You do it cause it seems like the only option.

Hope this gave you a bit of infomation on the subject



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